Dear friends of Aqua Libra,
The measures relating to the coronavirus are becoming stricter every day.  In essence, we could start our activities from 5 April 2020, provided the current measures are not prolonged.  However, the most recent reports make us fear an extension.  That is why we would like to provide some clarity with this newsletter.
We are convinced that staying and sailing a boat is currently one of the safest forms of holidays with regard to the virus.  You do not participate in "mass tourism".  You are only travelling with your family or relatives and there is little need to have contact with third parties.  You can compare it with today's daily life.  In addition, Aqua Libra takes all possible measures with regard to safety and hygiene as prescribed within the current measures (keeping a distance, disinfecting soap available, etc...).
However, we are confronted with external circumstances that make it no longer possible to offer the service our guests have come to expect from us.  This is why we wish to inform you about our policy, which we implement in consultation with other actors in our sector and in accordance with the regulations of the Belgian government:
- If Aqua Libra is forced to suspend your boating holiday, you will receive a voucher equal to the amount of the rent already paid.  This voucher will be valid for an entire year for all vessels in our fleet. We will communicate personally with those concerned.  You do not have to contact us for this.
- If it is impossible for you to reach our base because of, for example: closed borders, ban on moving, quarantine measures imposed by a government, or any other measure imposed by a government, please inform us with reference to the measure in force.  If necessary, we will also provide you with a voucher. 
- If you have to cancel your cruise because you are ill yourself, or have been affected by the virus in any way, please refer to the terms and conditions of your cancellation insurance.  You have received a link to our partner concerning cancellation insurances in your booking confirmation. You can also find this link on our website: 
- If you wish to cancel your boating holiday yourself, at your own decision, we refer you to our "general conditions" (to be found on our website).  
          - Aqua Libra will under no circumstances refund amounts already paid.
          - The deposit as well as the second payment must be made as indicated in the booking confirmation.  
          - If we are forced to suspend your boating holiday, or if you are unable to spend your holiday due to measures imposed on you, we will provide you with a voucher for all amounts paid.
            As mentioned above, this voucher will be valid for an entire year for all vessels in our fleet.
It is not easy for a family company like Aqua Libra to deal with these difficult circumstances.  We are doing our utmost to minimize the impact of this crisis for our guests. We can only guarantee our service if we get your understanding and confidence to deal with this crisis together.  We make every effort to ensure that all our guests can count on not suffering any financial loss if the measures in force are extended unexpectedly.
The above conditions are of course also valid for all boating holidays booked from now on.  For more information you can of course contact us.
Above all, stay healthy, and hopefully we will see each other soon on board one of our ships.
In order to be of even better service to you next year, we will be able to welcome you from 1 April 2020 in our new office in marina "De Spaanjerd" in Kinrooi.

On the left you can see pictures of the progress of the work. You can also see an impression of our new office, built by the company "Skilpod".

Of course we hope to welcome you personally next season.  Coffee or something fresh will be ready.

Luc, Arlette and Luna.

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